Rotating Car Windshield Cleaner

Have you ever tried to clean your car’s front windshield from the inside of it? It’s annoying and not easy and whoever thought of this product is a simply a genius. So many times I have found myself trying to clean my car’s windshield from within, struggling to get to the bottom farthest area that is hard to access, especially while trying to get the fog and mist out of it before and while driving.

It’s a fact - Car’s windshields get dirty pretty quickly and frequently if not cleaned at close enough time intervals. Dust, birds poo, mud and other elements make the external part of it dirtier whether we drive the car or not. The internal part of the windshield, though gets dirty less often and more slowly than the external part, still presents a frustrating task when needs to be cleaned.

The sharp angel of the vast majority of car’s windshield makes it difficult and unpleasant to clean using traditional methods like using your hand and a good old fiber cloth, especially if you are in the middle of driving and have to clean a certain part of the windshield as soon as possible.

This is why I really like this device, it’s just makes it so much easier, convenient and faster! Since I bought it I always keep it in my gloves compartment and it always comes in handy.

The device itself consists of two main parts -  a handle and a cleaning pad that can be rotated.

It is also very useful for cleaning the rear windshield as you can see here:



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2 Way Car Power Splitter


After installing more than one 4 way power splitter in my car I have decided not to connected them on series in order not to lose load and in order not to lose power all together when one of them gets disconnected or gets malfunctioned.
I have found this nice and simple double power splitter on Ebay and it does the job very well.
It also comes with a LED power indicator.
The interior of the splitter as you can see is pretty clean and slick.
Of course the power splitter is meant to split the cigarette socket into two and it could be used to its original purpose of just splitting it. 


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Car Air Ionizer

I bought this little car gadget in order for my car to be less stinky on the inside when driving with no air circulation between the outside of the car and the inside of it. I'm not a smoker and I do clean my car very often but nevertheless more than once I had to deal with a general bad smell inside my car.

Now some of you would say "what's the big deal , just crack a window". I totally agree with that , but what if you can't or don't really want to open a window or circulate air between outside and inside ? for example , in cold weathers , or during rains or when you are with your girlfriend inside your car and it’s cold outside…

Ionizing the air seems to deal with particles of bad smell apparently ,but yet I didn't notice any considerable difference when using this device. I used it for about 3 months when the car was sealed from the outside and any improvement in the car's internal aroma wasn't noticeable (at least by me…).

Moreover , when hooking it up to the car's cigarette power socket it emits some sort of radio interference with the car's radio which sounded like a high frequency disturbing protracted noise in the car's speakers , noticeable when no audio signals are present and their volume is quite high.

I must confess I need more experimentation with this product in order to really get a thorough review on it and beyond that I would really like a device like that to work in my car. more work is needed to be done - first  , I have to solve the interference with the car's radio and second - I have to bring something smelly and stinky inside the car twice - one time with the device working and another time without it and try noticing any difference.

It terms of looks , this little gadget is very cool. It has a blue LED light around it and has a pretty slick design.

More to come on this product in the future.



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Tire Pressure Monitor

This is a great product that saves time and fuel by making your vehicle's tires pressure visually noticeable without having to use an external measuring instrument.

I found myself more than a few times refilling air in my tires only to find out I have been driving with a significant absence of air inside them for a long time.

I bought 6 of these, 2 for my motorbike and 4 more for my car. In addition to the usual daily\weekly oil checkup which takes a few minutes , this quick visual tire air pressure checkup could be added as a nice addition to this total short maintenance routine as well.

The product is actually a valve stem cam which is screwed instead of the usual valve cap. Unlike the usual valve cap which acts as a cover to the Schrader valve, this product not only covers the valve stem itself but also pushes the Schrader valve downwards in order to release the air pressured inside the tire and by that  , measuring the air pressure inside the tire.

Bottom line - cheap - about 2.15$ a piece , very effective and highly recommended.


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Car 1 to 5 Power Socket Splitter

I admit - my car is full of gadgets and they require power don't they? This is why I bought this:

Over time I added a lot of nice nifty gadgets to my car and over time I ran out of power sockets pretty quickly. I didn't buy that 1 to 5 splitter right away though, initially I bought a 1 to 2 splitter , then moved to 1 to 3 which was not enough pretty fast , so I tried connecting the 1 to 2 splitter to the 1 to 3 splitter and not only it wasn't enough , It made the 1 to 2 splitter to get overcharged and melting itself in the process.

After browsing E-bay for some time I found this amazing product which doesn't only does its job well but also looks awesome.

It is made of 3 main parts - the power sockets , a switch unit and the power socket connector.

Except the power socket connector , The main parts have a piano like finish which is black , smooth and shiny.  Each part is connected to one another by a long enough wire to place each part in an opposite end of the dashboard. So I had nothing to worry about placing the parts of this splitter , but how to place them.

Basically there are a lot of placing combinations I could pick , so I had to narrow them down to a few by considering comfort, ease of use , safety and aesthetics. Since I had to occupy all of the 5 sockets a lot of wiring would have to be organized as a result  + some of the gadget's wires were not long enough to reach the opposite end of the dashboard therefor I had to compromise , and to stick the power splitters in the middle of the dashboard right after the gearbox handle.

Positioning the switchboard:

The most obvious place to put the switchboard was as close as possible to the wheel or the rest of the instruments so I would have an easy approach to them without having to take my sight off the road. In terms of safety it is the best choice - close , in line of sight and reachable without having to get your eyes off the road. I would have placed the switchboard there if it wasn't for one thing - the strong blue LED light above each switch.

It's very very strong. These are not ordinary LED lights like you would see on any other electronic device , these are the kind of LEDs computer case modders or car\bike modders use.

After placing all together and powering up my car , all 5 blue LED lights projected their light directly to my eyes. I tried moving the switchboard a bit but I soon figured that the while the switchboard was in a good position , that fact alone would not prevent me getting blinded during night driving and the risk was too great to be just ignored from.

So eventually I placed the switchboard near the power socket splitter part right above the gearbox handle. That way no matter in which position I sat or looked I wouldn't be blinded. And I have to say it looks pretty awesome , the strong blue light is projected on the car's interior giving It a very cool looks.

Having a switchboard in this product was great idea. Initially I was looking for just a regular 1 to 5 splitter. The switchboard has a lot of advantages . the first is that it gives you a direct control over your car's electrical devices without the hassle of plugging and unplugging them manually, which is not only a hassle but ruins physical contact in time and endangers yourself if you do it during driving.

The products comes with a 3M 2 sided duct tape with a thin la with a thin layer of foam in the middle. I was very disappointed of it. When I tried placing the power splitter unit at the left end of the dashboard beneath it , gravity won the battle over the paste and it soon fell off. The tape is not strong enough to support a power splitter connected to various relatively heavy devices…

It is best , when using the 2 sided tape , to place the power splitter with its mass on top and not on bottom. But if I would have insisted I would have used a wax glue, but then again , the position of the power splitter (left end of the dashboard) wasn't good so extreme solutions like wax glue were quickly ruled out.

Finally after poisoning all 3 parts I now headed for the goal of concealing the wires, which was a pretty easy task considering the length of the wires.


1.       Long wires between parts therefor flexible when it comes to positioning

2.       It has a switchboard with 5 strong blue LED lights which give it great looks and direct and fast control over the connected devices

3.       Nice smooth , shiny black finish

4.       Makes 5 power sockets out of 1


1.       The strong blue LED lights are capable of blinding a driver when driving during night time

2.       The provided 3M 2 sided paste tape is a poor quality one


About 20$ on E-bay.


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