Dell 9 Cell Baterry

Up until now I used to buy only 6 cell batteries. This time I decided to go with a 9 cell one.

My main reason was the long lecturers i was present at which made my laptop run out of power after only 1 class.

The decision was right. With a 6 cell battery my laptop would run out of juice after maximum of 2 hours while working in power saving mode. This is new 9 cell battery changed my laptop's time frame to 4 hours maximum work in power saving mode – a really big difference.

The only "disadvantage" this battery has is its size. Since it needs more room for more cells the manufacturer added a bulk at the back of it which makes it physically bigger and heavier. From my daily experience these facts do not present a significant Burdon.

The product was worth the money – was found on E-Bay for 41.54$. It is a genuine (at least they say it is) 85Wh , Li-ion Dell battery that works on 11.1 volts.

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