Rotating Car Windshield Cleaner

Have you ever tried to clean your car’s front windshield from the inside of it? It’s annoying and not easy and whoever thought of this product is a simply a genius. So many times I have found myself trying to clean my car’s windshield from within, struggling to get to the bottom farthest area that is hard to access, especially while trying to get the fog and mist out of it before and while driving.

It’s a fact - Car’s windshields get dirty pretty quickly and frequently if not cleaned at close enough time intervals. Dust, birds poo, mud and other elements make the external part of it dirtier whether we drive the car or not. The internal part of the windshield, though gets dirty less often and more slowly than the external part, still presents a frustrating task when needs to be cleaned.

The sharp angel of the vast majority of car’s windshield makes it difficult and unpleasant to clean using traditional methods like using your hand and a good old fiber cloth, especially if you are in the middle of driving and have to clean a certain part of the windshield as soon as possible.

This is why I really like this device, it’s just makes it so much easier, convenient and faster! Since I bought it I always keep it in my gloves compartment and it always comes in handy.

The device itself consists of two main parts -  a handle and a cleaning pad that can be rotated.

It is also very useful for cleaning the rear windshield as you can see here:



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