Tire Pressure Monitor

This is a great product that saves time and fuel by making your vehicle's tires pressure visually noticeable without having to use an external measuring instrument.

I found myself more than a few times refilling air in my tires only to find out I have been driving with a significant absence of air inside them for a long time.

I bought 6 of these, 2 for my motorbike and 4 more for my car. In addition to the usual daily\weekly oil checkup which takes a few minutes , this quick visual tire air pressure checkup could be added as a nice addition to this total short maintenance routine as well.

The product is actually a valve stem cam which is screwed instead of the usual valve cap. Unlike the usual valve cap which acts as a cover to the Schrader valve, this product not only covers the valve stem itself but also pushes the Schrader valve downwards in order to release the air pressured inside the tire and by that  , measuring the air pressure inside the tire.

Bottom line - cheap - about 2.15$ a piece , very effective and highly recommended.

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