Car Air Ionizer

I bought this little car gadget in order for my car to be less stinky on the inside when driving with no air circulation between the outside of the car and the inside of it. I'm not a smoker and I do clean my car very often but nevertheless more than once I had to deal with a general bad smell inside my car.

Now some of you would say "what's the big deal , just crack a window". I totally agree with that , but what if you can't or don't really want to open a window or circulate air between outside and inside ? for example , in cold weathers , or during rains or when you are with your girlfriend inside your car and it’s cold outside…

Ionizing the air seems to deal with particles of bad smell apparently ,but yet I didn't notice any considerable difference when using this device. I used it for about 3 months when the car was sealed from the outside and any improvement in the car's internal aroma wasn't noticeable (at least by me…).

Moreover , when hooking it up to the car's cigarette power socket it emits some sort of radio interference with the car's radio which sounded like a high frequency disturbing protracted noise in the car's speakers , noticeable when no audio signals are present and their volume is quite high.

I must confess I need more experimentation with this product in order to really get a thorough review on it and beyond that I would really like a device like that to work in my car. more work is needed to be done - first  , I have to solve the interference with the car's radio and second - I have to bring something smelly and stinky inside the car twice - one time with the device working and another time without it and try noticing any difference.

It terms of looks , this little gadget is very cool. It has a blue LED light around it and has a pretty slick design.

More to come on this product in the future.


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