Laptop Rubber Feet

This is a very cheap and yet a very useful product. I bought it for mainly 2 reasons:

1 –my laptop would get very hot

2- during lecturers the laptop almost slipped a few times off the small inadequate tables (you know , those ones you see in every college or university and it is usually connected to the seat).

For the price I got 48 pieces of small , rounded thick rubber feet which I could use on anything I need. My first priority was my laptop of course. After sticking some 17 of those under it I could really notice the difference. The laptop's temperature was much cooler and while being in lectures the laptop didn't move off the table cause of the friction they created.

The product was found on E-Bay for some 18$ for 48 pieces.

Of course they could be used for many other applications  like furniture and other home applianceses.


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