Psu Fan Cleanup

Duringthe past month some annoying noises began emerging from my pc


Aftercarefully eliminating the source of the noise i concluded it camefrom the power supply unit fan.

Aftergetting the power cord out of the Psu and pressing the power buttonsteadily for a few seconds to release any excess charges remaininginside the capacitors, i screwed out the 4 screws that hold thePsuto the case.

Afterthat i did the following:

·         screwedout another 4 screws that hold the Psu unit together

·         screwed 4 screws that hold the grill fan protector

·         carefullycleaned the blades of the fan usingA damp cloth

·         removedthe round sticker on the fan's center

·         revealedthe fan's core by removing a round rubber protector

·         useda regular engine oil to lubricate the shaft

·         sprayedWD40 inside the fan's core (not where i used engine oil)


At the end of the process the fan was just like new and performed perfectly and of coursesilently

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