Car Power Socket to USB Converter

This is by far one of the most useful and cheap gadjets out there. As long as you have a generic car power socket in your car/motorbike/jet skis/ whatever other vehicle you might have – you could use this converter as well.
Though this is a 1 USB port only version there is also a version with 2 USB ports. From what i was able to find on E-Bay  , the double USB adapter doesn't come with a led light like the adapter iwth the one USB port.

The led light really adds a nice addition to the coolness of the product. Wheather inside your car or on your motorbike's dashboard  , the presents of a small light adds a lot to the overall looks.
The lights come in either red or green (i personally like the red one)

Now for some technical details-
Input voltage – 12VDC
Output voltage – 5VDC at 1A

Approximately 2.47$

Pros -
1. The adapter gives you the option of keeping your electronics essential to you alive and charged
2. Since it's a USB port – almost any device can be attached to it (depends mainly on what kind of plug you have on the other side of the USB wire)
3. Cheap
4. Looks nice and simple

Cons -
1. Unless you have a car cigarette lighter power socket splitter , you would need to remove the converter in order to plug in any other device directly to the cigarette light power socket.
2. Since it was designed to be very small , simple  , aesthetic and cheap , there is no room for more than 2 USB ports ,  there for it limits the number of attachable USB devices for 1 with the single USB port adapter and 2 with the doubled one.
3. The following con is not really a con because the products wasn't made to endure outside weather – it rusts. After riding my motorbike  in the rain with the adapter attached to the dashboard i noticed the LED light stopped working. It appears that rust that was made because of water contact prevented electircal contact between the socket and the adapter. Spraying WD-40 solved some of the issue by removing some layers of rust , but if you would still want to use this product outside of a confined space  i recommened using a rubber USB plug to seal the  USB port while not in use and another rubber ring to seal the space between the adapter's body and the power socket


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