Soldering a Power Splitter

In this post i will demonstrate how i used spare cables i scavenged from an old power supply unit, to create a power cable splitter.

Since i needed one and did not have time to order off the internet and i had a lot of spare parts, me and my dad decided to improvise and solder a power splitter ourselves.

The process is pretty simple actually, all you have to do is to solder the same wire with the same colors :


yellow – 12V

black 1 and 2 – ground

red – 5V


for the soldering job you would need of course a soldering gun , some soldering lead ,  soldering paste and Isolierband.

Before the soldering job is done one has to reveal the wires buy using a wire cutter and gently cut out the isolation around the wire.

Since the wire is made out of several thin wires, you would have to twist the wire circularly in order to combine them to one solid piece.

The next step is to dip the wires inside the soldering paste, one dip is enough. Next, a physical connection is required in order to hold the wires together on both ends, and eventually, after the physical connection is stable and the wires are held together, the soldering action takes place by using the soldering gun and the soldering lead.

Each soldering attempt doesn’t have to take more than a couple of seconds (5 max).

After the final soldering job is done you should use the Isolierband to cover the soldered wires and isolate them.


Here are some photos which illustrate the process , I admit it doesn't quite look aesthetic but it does the job eventually.

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