Simple Wireless Optical Mouse

Cheap, simple, precise and looks pretty good,  I bought this mouse off E-Bay for 4.6 USD and it does the job well considering its low price. In fact , I bought 3 of those , 1 for my laptop and 2 for the other machines I have.

Though it is not a professional mouse desighed for gaming or video\photo editing purposes it was very comfortable using it in FPS games and working with software like Photoshop.

It has a CPI button which makes the curser moving slower and more precisely. This feature is very useful when it comes to sniping an opponente over long distance in FPS games or editing a photo using a Lasso tool for example.

In addition to the CPI button it has 2 "back and forth" buttons on its left side which can be used by default when using web browsers.

It has a place to 2 AAA batteries and the USB transmitter\reciever is very small which makes it perfect for use with laptops.

High recommended.

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