MultiPoint BT speakerphone

This product is just awesome! At first I was very skeptic about its abilities because up until I bought it I had known that any Bluetooth device can connect and pair to one device at a time. That is very true, but not for this little gadget, it can be paired to 2 devices, that is , cellphones – at the same time and get incoming and outgoing calls from one at a time.


While using one cellphone the other is disconnected, and after the call ends the device automatically connects the disconnected device back. Furthermore, it can be used while being charged-  unlike many Bluetooth devices out there. once the call ends , if the USB charging cable is still connected it gets back charging itself while standing by to get the next call from one of the cellphones.

Got it off E-bay , highly recommended if you use more than one cellphone while driving your car.

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