Battlefield 3 Realistic Simulator

This is absolutely a world first as far as I know and I can't say I didn't feel any jealousy when watching this not only because of the amount of fun these people had when assembling and using this simulator , but also because they beat me to it and did it first.

while FPS games became more and more realistic in terms of graphics , AI , sound effects , storyline and scenery, the user interface hardware pretty much stood still - relatively speaking. Of course sound effects were made better thanks to cheap high quality end user surround sound systems , visual experience got better thanks to bigger , high resolution fast responsive LED monitors and  command input became better thanks to customized gaming keyboard and mouse - but overall FPS gaming experience didn't take that big step towards realism as its peak.

That is - most of us still sit in front of our machines on a comfortable chair playing FPS games without the fear of getting physically hit , without smelling the virtual battlefield , without moving ourselves except for maybe adjust our sitting position to make ourselves more comfortable now and then during the game.  


The closest thing to getting a more real gaming experience that involved original thinking was a funny gadget that shakes and vibrates your chair while gaming.

As far as this simulator they build is damn real , there is a lot of room for improvement. First of all I believe the entire tent should be projected all the time during gameplay, that is , 360 degrees , the treadmill and the celling. Obviously  , the celling should be projected with the game's current level's sky, and the same goes for the treadmill - it should be projected with the level's current ground terrain and the gamer should see what goes on behind him when turning his head around, for that , the game needs to be projected at 360 degrees all the time , not only at 180 degrees.

Moreover  - weather effects  - it would really sound like an overkill ,  but I believe weather effects would add a big difference towards getting the ultimate realism gaming experience .mechanically computer controlled fans should be added as well to emulate wind and heaters should be added to emulate heat.  

What is presented in this video , except for a big leap in UI and gaming experience  , is the future of combat training. Just like in the holodeck's of the Enterprise in StarTrek and in StarWars's Republic Commando , whole armies will be trained in a very realistic way inside confined spaces which will house various technologies that emulate the real world to stimulate all the 5 senses we use. Just like in this video those confined spaces will be monitored and after the simulation experience . evaluations will be done and lessons will be learned.




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