Laptop 34mm PCMCIA SDHC Card Reader


If you read my "Upgrading a Dell Laptop" post then you'd know why i bought this product for.


For those who you who didn't , i'll explain.


Part the upgrade included replacing the old HDD hard disk with a new SSD hard disk that has significanly lower volume (320 GB in the HDD vs 90 GB in the new SSD).




Since i need a lot of space i purchased a SDHC card that has 64GB and plugged it in the Dell's built in SD card reader.




Time has passed and those 64GBs weren't enough so i decided to but another 64GB SDHC only i had nowhere to plug it in.


So i searched and found this on E-Bay:




installation was simple , plug and play.




Cost - 10$





  1. can be used to extended a laptop's storage volume

  2. can support SDHC cards , and other 24 types of cards

  3. supports bigger storage volume cards

  4. easy installtion




  1. the SD card can be pushed inside the adapter only half way through , apart from being not aesthetic , it presents an opportunity for someone to just extract it out and steal it. Because of this "bulg" that is created because of that , one has to be careful when putting the laptop inside a bag vertically not breaking the card (putting the laptop with the sd card's "bulg" side upwards can fix this problem)




Features: (as appear in the seller's page)


   * Compliant with ExpressCard/34 module specification.
   * Compliant with USB Storage Class specification without driver installation required.
   * Suitable for desktop or laptop equipped with ExpressCard(TM) 34 / 54mm slot.
   * Support Windows Vista Ready Boost function.
   * Hot-swapping feature allows you to attach/detach this reader/writer without powering computer  off.
   * Work with SD, MMC, MS, xD types flash media memory cards without adapter:
     (with Adapter:, miniSD, RS-MMC, Memory Stick, Duo, Memory Stick PRO and MagicGate memory cards.)
   * Supports Microsoft Windows2000 / XP / XP-64bit / 2003 / Vista, Mac 10.4 and above.
   * RoHS compliance.


 * Interface: ExpressCard 34mm wide
   * Mode: USB2.0 High-Speed
   * 11-in-1 Card Reader slot supports SD, miniSD, MMC, RS-MMC, Memory Stick, Duo, Memory Stick PRO,
    MagicGate, Memory Stick and xD Picture Card memory cards
   * Windows2000/XP/XP-64bit/2003/ Vista/7, Mac 10.4 and above
   * Operation temperature: 0 °C
57 °C

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