Motorbike Brake Lever Lock

Since I am a gadget freak and a security freak as well I decided to look online for a nice addition to my already over protected motorbike.

Every lock, code or an alarm might not prevent a theft attempt, but it would very likely delay the thief from achieving his goal of stealing your motorbike.

While browsing E-Bay I found this:




This nice product holds the brake lever in a pressed position therefor activating the motorbike's forward brakes (without an active hydraulic power of course…). It can actually replace a classic motorbike disk lock or like in my case, be an addition to an existing one.

The lock is made out of plastic which is something I was a little disappointed of. As you might think and demand, every lock has to be made out of metal, well not this one. For some reason the manufacturer decided to forge it out of pure plastic which makes it very light but also easy to be cut.

The part that comes in contact with the lever itself is covered by an adjustable thick rubber band and it comes with more bands so you can add more layers of rubber, I guess it was destined for thicker brake levers.

It came with 6 identical keys

This product is very useful as a second layer of defense to an existing disk lock, the price is fair enough.


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