Universal Learning Remote Control

Simple, small and elegant. These are the main words I can use to describe this product. While the words are being typed in this article I have had already purchased 3 pieces of those remotes which work great.

I managed to duplicate an electro mechanic gate's remotes and my motorbike alarm remote easily and fast.

One problem though, well , initially I thought it was a problem, it appears when u try to program the remote to copy other's remote frequencies. every button on the original remote transmits on a slightly different frequency  (about 433Mhz+-) , when I tried to copy an original remote with 4 buttons , the second copy remote didn't recognize some of the buttons as fast the other buttons. Initially I thought the original remote doesn't work on the same frequencies so I bought a frequency meter off E-Bay , which helped me to determine that indeed both remotes work on the same frequencies.

I managed to solve the issue by moving the original remote slowly around the copy remote while the latter was on recognizing\copying mode.

Programming of the remote is really easy. First you have to initialize copying mode by continuously pushing both of the main big buttons at once for about 4 seconds until the LED between them lights on and off very fast. At this stage you should stop pushing those 2 buttons at once and after that the LED light turns off as well.

After that the programming stage begins. Get the two remotes as close as you can (in most cases a physical contact might be required to enhance the signal's strength) and start pushing the first button on the copy remote continuously until the LED lights on and off 3 times and turns itself off. After it is off , push the button on the original remote you wish to duplicate , continuously until the LED light on the copy remote lights itself up on and off rapidly.

Do the same process for the other buttons.

A note – the copy remote won't transmit until all buttons are programmed! So if you have a 2 button original remote you wish to duplicate, just program the copy remote twice , 2 buttons on the copy remote for every button on the original.

One more note – in some cases when it seems the remote doesn't work  - just hit in gently a bit  - the battery doesn't sit well inside some of these remotes for some reason…

Ohh yea , the price – 8.4$ a piece…

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